Blink for Windows

Raise/Lower/Tilt for Single/Double-hung Windows

7/8" Insulated Glass (IG) Panel for Windows

Blink® Blinds + Glass offers ease of use, convenience, and safety by seamlessly incorporating traditional window blinds between an insulated glass panel, for windows. Our custom blinds-between-the-glass product is made to meet your specific size requirements and delivered to you in as few as eight business days.

Blink's Raise/Lower/Tilt (RLT-Top) for 7/8 inch windows is the perfect option for single- and double-hung windows. This product is the perfect complement to our 1 inch Blink design to meet all of your window needs. Review optimal window styles to find where Blink will fit in your home while providing you all of the peace-of-mind that all of our Blink programs offer.

  • Custom sizes: 15"–54" wide x 12"–41" tall (in 1/16" increments)
  • 6 colors (white, tan, sand, silver moon, slate gray, espresso)
  • Tempered or annealed glass
  • Clear glass, 8 Low-E (single or dual) or 4 NEAT (single or dual) options
  • Streamlined operator design (raise/lower/tilt functions)
  • Minimum order quantity = 1
  • 10-year full warranty
  • Child & pet-friendly: no exposed cords
  • No dusting, maintenance-free: blinds are enclosed between glass
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Patent pending US20180355661A1

Where to Buy

Manufacturers  Architects, Builders, Installers, Homeowners


Blink RLT–Top

IG panel sizes 15"–54" wide*
12"–41" tall*
(* in 1/16" increments)
7/8" thick
Sq ft max 9 sq ft
Glass types Tempered & Annealed: up to 9 sq ft
(single operator)
Low-E options Single: 270, 272, 340, 366
Dual: I89/270, I89/272, I89/340, I89/366
NEAT options Single: 270, 366
Dual: I89/270, I89/366
Operator options Operator position: top-center of IG
Streamlined design: 0.512" thick
Blink Blinds + Glass - streamlined controller
(blinds & components are color coordinated)

Technical Information

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Product Performance
Product Codes
Energy Efficiency & Thermal Performance
Safety Certifications
3-Part Specifications

Download design specifications:
Blink RLT-Top—Raise/Lower/Tilt
(1.8 MB) Adobe PDF

Size charts

Blink RLT–Top

Tempered & annealed glass
Click chart to zoom
Blink Blinds + Glass - RLT-Top size chart for tempered & annealed glass - raise/lower/tilt blinds
Ladder cords
Click chart to zoom
Blink Blinds + Glass - RLT-Top size chart for number of ladder cords - raise/lower/tilt blinds

Ordering & Delivery Details for Window Manufacturers

Blink RLT–Top

Minimum quantity Low-E: 1
Clear/Clear: 1
Working days to deliver Annealed
US: 7 business days + transit
Canada: 9 business days + transit
US: 12 business days + transit
Canada: 14 business days + transit

For Architects, Builders, Installers, Homeowners

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