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Design Pressure Requirements


Design Pressure (DP) testing measures the performance of fenestration products to withstand positive and negative pressures. The positive DP number is the standard for wind blowing at the building (windward) and the negative DP number represents the vacuum pressure on the opposite side of the building (leeward).

Design pressure requirements will vary based upon wind zone designation in your geographic location (see Florida map as an example), density of nearby buildings, fenestration height from the ground, fenestration location on the side of the building, etc. Florida has had specific wind zone performance requirements for many years, as found in the Florida Building Code. Other states continue to adopt design pressure requirements.

Blink Blinds + Glass - product codes

Design Pressure Testing

Design pressure testing for Blink® Blinds + Glass involves testing the enclosed IG blinds as a component of a complete fenestration assembly, such that the IG and its surrounding fenestration are considered together. For doorglass IG blinds, for example, this means testing the IG along with the IG frame and a fixed door. Please refer to a Florida product approval, FL15260.15, as an example of a product approval which can be used for Blink blinds in a side-hinged door.